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Exclusive: future LG Android phone for Verizon sports LTE

Chris Ziegler

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We were just handed this image with very little detail other than the fact that we're looking at "a future LG high end Android phone for Verizon," but we can deduce a few things: one, and perhaps most notably, you can just barely make out an LTE logo toward the bottom of the back. That likely makes this one of the six-odd LTE phones Verizon has publicly said are slated for the first half of next year. Secondly, it's got an HD camera of some sort -- probably indicating either 720p or 1080p capture -- and finally, it appears to have a huge, mirrored display and possibly a front-facing cam in the upper right. Looks like there's also a WiFi logo on back (of course), but can anyone make out the other two logos there? And more importantly, can anyone wait for this to launch?

Update: It's been proposed that one of the logos might be for DLNA, since LG's a major DLNA player -- most recently with its PlayTo service on the LG Optimus 7.

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