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Olympus E-PL1S is a slightly improved PEN, world's lightest with interchangeable lenses

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy
It's not much of an update, but how much could Olympus really throw at the 12.3 megapixel E-PL1 if it hoped to maintain the title of the world's lightest interchangeable lens camera? The new E-PL1S Micro Four Thirds shooter features an ISO bump from 3200 to ISO6400 and new BLS-5 battery that complies with a new rechargeable lithium-ion safety standard. Combined, the kit weighs just 454 grams (342 grams for the body) when bundled with a 112 gram M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II lens -- a weight that includes the battery and SDCH memory card. Look for the two to flutter onto retail shelves in April in choice of red, white, or black (with silver lenses) for about ¥60,000 ($723) or ¥80,000 ($964) with a M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F4-5.6 lens.