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AT&T-branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted by way of eBay

Chris Ziegler

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T-Mobile's got an American lock on the Bold 9780 at the moment, but you know how it goes with BlackBerrys: they tend to go pretty much everywhere (Storm and Torch notably excepted) if you give 'em enough time. Sure enough, an AT&T-branded version just popped up... and if you've got $899 lying around and an undying love for unreleased RIM gear, it can be yours. The phone's chilling on eBay right now with a prominent AT&T logo silkscreened at the bottom; obviously, it stands to reason these guys would want to replace their Bold 9700 before too long, so we're not surprised to see it go down like this. Want a white version, though? Well, you'll just have to wait for that.

Source: eBay
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