Fallen Earth's 1.7.4 patch is on the test server, and Icarus Studios' GM Carlin has your introduction to the laundry list of tweaks, fixes, and additions. The update includes significant changes to crafting components, a reduction of the critical damage modifier, and improved NPC melee AI.

1.7.4 also brings several new merchants, missions, and trainers, as well as a completely redesigned Boneclaw. In story terms, the town has been sacked by Alec Masters, allowing Icarus to improve both the content and the layout. The patch also features several improvements to Fallen Earth's visuals and sound suite, and you can find the complete list on the official forums. Also be sure and check out the Massively Speaking podcast featuring Fallen Earth's Marie Croall and lots of discussion about the new patch.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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