After today, Adobe Media Player won't be available for download from Adobe's site. Adobe Media Player was a solution looking for a problem, so I'm not surprised to see that today will be the player's last day.

Sometimes great ideas are looking to solve a problem that does not exist. Adobe's Media Player falls into this category. At one time, someone at Adobe must have thought, "Hey, if video in a web page is great, why not create a Flash application using our own AIR technology so that you can collect and manage your videos without the web browser cluttering up the screen?"

Thus was born Adobe Media Player -- an AIR app that runs on Windows and Mac. But Media Player ran into a fundamental problem: most people generally use a web browser to find video content. If you like the video you find, you bookmark it, embed it or post it to Facebook. There is no need for any other software. You're certainly not going to fire up an app that's hard to use, makes it difficult to find content and doesn't make it easy for you to share content.

Adobe Media Player: it was fun, it was real, but it was not real fun.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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