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Archos' Android-based 70b e-reader up for pre-order in Europe

Darren Murph

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We have all ideas that the 70b will look mighty weak after next year's spate of slates, tablets and readers hit the public view at CES, but with a price tag as diminutive as €99.99 ($130), who cares about bells and / or whistles? Spotted first in the FCC's lairs a few weeks ago, the Archos 70b e-reader is now up for pre-order in Europe, boasting a 7-inch WVGA touchpanel, 4GB of storage, 802.11b/g WiFi and an SD expansion slot. We're told that the battery will keep things humming for around ten hours (or up to 18 if using it strictly as a music player with the screen flipped off), and if we had to guess, we'd say it'll probably make the trip through the Panama Canal in Q1 2011. Question is: will you care?

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