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HTC Incredible HD teased for January 6th reveal?


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See that? No, not all the ambiguous 4G talk, we mean the veiled phone. If we had to guess we'd say that we're looking at a January 6th reveal of the HTC Incredible HD / Mecha -- a device rumored to be headed to Verizon's new LTE network. Unfortunately, we don't know who is (the domain carrying the tease) or how it's affiliated with HTC. So don't go entering your mobile phone number into the field where you can sign up for notifications. The site seems to be linked with Yahoo! marketing and by entering your number you're consenting to receive "further complimentary marketing text messages by SMS to your mobile phone," according to the terms and conditions. Don't do it. We'll let you know the very minute the Incredible HD is launched, which, by the looks of things will happen at CES in Las Vegas.

Update: The site is indeed official -- it's the "Mobile Version" linked directly from the website.

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