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EVE Online Industrial-Sized Knowedgebase to be released in print form

Brendan Drain , @nyphur
Back in August, we brought you the news that an exhaustive Hungarian EVE Online guide had been translated into English and released online for free. The Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase (or ISK for short) represented years of collaborative efforts between players to produce the ultimate all-inclusive strategy guide for EVE Online. The creators of the gargantuan guide have now teamed up with CCP Games and MMM Publishing to bring the entire book up to a professional standard and update it with information on the Incursion expansion.

MMM Publishing is the team behind the hugely successful official EVE magazine E-ON. The company's previous collaborations with EVE players and CCP include print copies of EVE Strategic Maps and the EVE Career Guide. A basic version of the new updated ISK guide will be released for free as a downloadable PDF document on February 1st. Following that, the team will then begin work on an extended 500-page premium edition, which will be available for purchase as a digital download or a full print copy some time this spring. The final price and release date have not yet been decided, but as the ISK guide is the closest thing EVE has to a full manual, the print copy is sure to be a popular item.