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Novatel Wireless 4G MiFi LTE and WiMAX hands-on


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Novatel Wireless just keeps pumping out the MiFis, and this year's CES offerings didn't disappoint with both a WiMAX and an LTE version on offer. So first up is the Sprint WiMAX version of the MiFi that replaces the previous MiFi 2200 with a tenfold increase in speed -- of course there is an asterisk next to that figure -- an external electronic ink display for signal strength, battery, and number of connected devices, and the balance of the features pretty much jibe with what we've already seen in the past. Verizon's 4510L LTE MiFi -- the faster and larger of the two -- packs the same e-ink display tech, LTE download speeds between 5 and 12 Mbps, and upload rates from 2 to 5 Mbps. No mention of battery life on either of these capable little toys, but if we had to guess we'd recommend you drag along a charger wherever your roaming may take you.

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