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BioShock 2 DLC draws closer to release on PC

PC gamers anxious to extend their BioShock 2 experience should pop a Paying Attention plasmid right now: those add-ons are still coming. The first of the two campaign add-ons offered to console gamers, Protector Trials, is currently on track to be submitted for certification at the end of January. Once approved, there shouldn't be too long of a wait before aspiring father figure types can get to protectin' their younger, creepier sisters.

As for Minerva's Den, it'll be a longer wait: 2K Games says it's on track to submit to certification in early March. The delay comes from the fact that the PC port of the acclaimed add-on was only in the earliest stages of development when 2K Games decided it didn't want to pursue a PC release, only to subsequently change its mind.

If you want to know more, check out this thread on the 2K forums, where community manager Elizabeth Tobey is promising to answer questions.