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MotionX-GPS Drive exports full-screen nav on Pioneer and JVC head units, has love only for iOS (video)

Tim Stevens

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MotionX-GPS has been a solid choice in the iPhone and iPad navigation game for some time now, but only recently has started to stretch its legs a bit. The app now has compatibility with a series of JVC and Pioneer head units (listed out below) that enables full-screen 3D navigation. In this mode the mobile device basically turns in to a remote control with a simplified interface, with POI searching and of course media playback. Connectivity is not using the Terminal Mode standard, this works exclusively with the iPhone and iPad, and we're told that sadly the company has no plans on supporting any other platforms going forward. So, if you're not on iOS you'll just have to find your own way to wherever you're going.

Compatible devices include:
  • Pioneer AVH-P3300BT
  • Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
  • Pioneer AVH-P6300BT
  • Pioneer SmartCradle
  • JVC KW-AVX640
  • JVC KW-AVX740
  • JVC KW-ADV794
  • JVC KW-AVX840

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