Dark Reign: The Future of War marches onto GOG

Do you primarily use the GOG platform as a channel through which you can build virtual armies to destroy neighboring, virtual civilizations? There are certainly plenty of games on the network that will let you do just that -- and today, that list became one entry longer. Auran's 1997 strategy title Dark Reign: The Future of War (and its expansion, The Rise of the Shadowhand) both arrived on the GOG store today for $9.99.

So, what sets Dark Reign apart from all the other strategy titles the digital distributor offers? Well, according to its product description, the game has "Many mods and impressively polished unofficial patches created by a still very active community." Also, all those other games? Their reigns aren't really all that dark. They're moody, sure, but we don't think we'd say full-blown dark.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.