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Meet Neon Play, the developer behind Apple's 10 billionth download


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Macworld sat down with Neon Play, the company behind the now-famous Paper Glider application. It was the game of choice for one of Gail Davis' teenage daughters who downloaded the app early Saturday morning. At that moment, Paper Glider became the App Store's 10 billionth download and earned itself a spot in the annals of Apple's history.

Paper Glider is a simple, but very popular application that lets you fly a paper airplane using a hand-drawn trajectory and precisely timed taps to keep the plane in the air. Before its history-making download, the app topped the charts in the UK App Store and reached as high as #2 in the US. It has been downloaded over a million times.

For Neon Play, Paper Glider is one of nine iOS games from the small iPhone games studio. Based in Cirencester, UK, Neon Play was founded last June by Oli Christie. The successful Flash developer quit his job in marketing and launched this growing company. Like any good managing director, Christie is going to capitalize on the PR blitz following Apple's 10 billion download promotion. "We're doing all we can to make the most of this one in 10 billion opportunity," he said in this Macworld interview.

For the future, Neon Play is developing three new iOS apps and is looking to add new employees to keep up with its fast development cycle. As a growing company with over a million downloads under its belt and a place in Apple's history, the future looks bright for a company that is just over seven months old.

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