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Mission R electric sportbike drops its fairings, shows us its billet birthday suit

Tim Stevens

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141 horses is a good amount of power for an average sized car. On a motorcycle that equates to one heck of a ride. That's what the Mission Motors Mission R electric superbike is putting down in a package that's the size of a 600cc road bike -- the sort of bike that might match that rating but only when you ride it like you stole it. An electric bike, naturally, gives you all that power right from 0 RPM, and after first seeing it in the flesh back in December we're now getting a glimpse under the fairing, at the trellis frame that bolts to the MissionEVT drivetrain ahead of the swingarm. There's naturally a big hole ahead of that, where the battery slots. The aluminum plate you see is part of that, left in place here but normally yanked from the top with the rest of the cell pack. Lots more tech details like that on the other end of the source link, and a bunch more pictures over at Autoblog Green. As to when you can get one, sadly right now it's just for racing.

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