Fans often ask developers, "How do you get started in the business?" If you want to know the answer, then maybe you should ask Brandon Miletta. Last night, the Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast TOROcast announced that Miletta was leaving the long-running show to go work for the very company he has been talking about in the show for the last two years: BioWare.

Miletta will join the crew working on SWTOR as a video editor. Speaking to TOROcast about special treatment over other podcasts, he said, "I will enjoy not being able to tell you guys anything [...] And I look forward to the day where I can listen to a TOROcast episode pick apart something I worked really hard on."

Brandon has been an essential part of both the TOROcast site and SWTOR community. Massively would like to congratulate Brandon on turning his dream into a reality, and we look forward to picking apart his work every chance we get. As TOROcast would say: That's it!

This article was originally published on Massively.
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