Listen, just because Cliff Bleszinski makes games where you chainsaw dudes in half doesn't mean the man can't feel. Like, take this interview with Adult Swim about his favorite shows for instance, in which he admits that he kinda, sorta loves musicals:
I can enjoy a twisted, strange movie like [Funny Games] but also be like, "Sweet! Chicago's on Blu-ray now! Let's go see The Lion King on Broadway! Oh my God, I love Wicked!" ... There's this weird dichotomy going on with my tastes. I think it's important to enjoy all spectrums of entertainment that way.
Well, this certainly explains why so many Epic games feature highly choreographed knife fights between rival gangs. Also, because we were all thinking it: This.

... No? Well, we were thinking it.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.