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Toshiba's TY-WSD9 wireless waterproof speaker gives Japanese shower singers an upgrade


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Bath-time belters rejoice, for the folks over at Toshiba have bestowed unto you a 21st century solution to the waterproof radio. Okay, so it's not the first shower-ready speaker we've reported on, and the TY-WSD9 doesn't come with a pale-skinned celebrity endorsement, but it does stream audio from your TV, DVD, iPod, or other sound-emitting device within a 25-meter radius. The system sports two 1.2W speakers, works a transmitter / receiver setup that looks something akin to a baby monitor, and will be available in Japan for about 13,000 yen (or $160) starting this March. So get those pipes ready, cause your wet and wild repertoire just got a whole lot bigger.

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