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Samsung finds parts of Galaxy Tab 10.1 'inadequate' compared to iPad 2, reconsiders pricing

Vlad Savov

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Whether you love or loathe Apple, you have to be happy with the company's aggressive upgrade of the iPad. It has led to Samsung, purveyor of an Android 3.0 tablet by the name of Galaxy Tab 10.1, to look more closely at its own hardware and pricing model and, according to executive VP Lee Don-Joo, "improve the parts that are inadequate." We don't know what those are, specifically, however he notes that "Apple made [the iPad 2] very thin" and also goes on to say that Samsung will be rethinking its pricing strategy with the Tab 10.1. It was originally going to cost more than the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but in light of Apple's new product, Samsung might have to cut into its profit margins... or maybe even forgo profits altogether to make its new Tab a success.

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