Today's the day. As consumers are getting ready to head off to their local Apple retailers to start the line wait for their new iPad, the question lingers. Black? or White?

The overwhelming TUAW blogger consensus is white. We're tired of black. We want more Stormtrooper, less Vader. We want our new device to match our MacBook Airs.

What about you. If supply allows, which color will you be opting for?

What color iPad do you want?
Black6510 (48.7%)
White4737 (35.5%)
Not getting an iPad2112 (15.8%)

In related news, analysts believe that as many as a fifth of original iPad owners will be upgrading to iPad 2, making this an excellent time to be scouting eBay for iPad bargains. The updated iPad will be sold at nearly ten thousand stores.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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