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Windows Phone 7 hack brings instant app resumption, mobile multitasking to the masses


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Looking for a little snappier response when jumping to and fro between apps on your WP7 device? Well, do we have just the hack for you -- a dev from Windows Phone Hacker, Jaxbot, did some poking around in the Window's Phone registry and found a way to instantly resume apps, no muss, no fuss. By setting the "DehydrateOnPause" registry key value to zero, he got rid of that pesky app dehydration / rehydration process altogether. Keep in mind there may be some "undesirable" side effects from force-feeding your device multitasking (ADD?) ahead of schedule and you'll need a developer-unlocked device to access the registry, so only advanced users need apply -- you taking notes, Mr. Ballmer? Hit up the source link for the full monty, and check out the hack in action after the break.

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