If you're curious about the current MMORPG standard for graphics but aren't currently subbed to Age of Conan, you'll want to check out the new Dreamworld Technology: Powering AoC video that Funcom is showing off on its YouTube portal.

The clip features voiceover narration by game director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison and offers viewers a three-minute romp through Tortage, Khemi, Conarch, and Khitai, all rendered in the extreme detail made possible by the 2.1.5 Dreamworld update.

In technical terms, Funcom has moved from a forward-rendering approach to a light pre-pass approach. If you're averse to geek-speak, know that this basically allows designers to use many more light sources with minimal performance costs. Dreamworld also makes use of a technique called adaptive shadow mapping, which results in higher quality shadows and higher frame rates. Check out all the details after the cut.

This article was originally published on Massively.