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ST-Ericsson's PM2300 will charge smartphones and tablets twice as fast, speeding to market this fall

Vlad Savov

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We can't say the methods for charging mobile devices have been top of our agenda lately, but when you're talking about speeding anything up by 100 percent, our interest is inevitably piqued. ST-Ericsson has come up with a new charger, tailored specifically for servicing tablets and mobile phones, that can juice them up at the brisk rate of 3 Amps. Efficiency is touted all over the place with this accessory, from the 60 percent improvement in PCB utilization to the 92 percent maximum power throughput rating, bringing the drably titled PM2300 dangerously close to a state of desirability. Best of all, tablets featuring its promised double-speed refilling capabilities are expected in the fall of this year, so the wait won't be long, however you look at it.

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