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Spotify now streaming over European Onkyo receivers


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While Spotify still isn't available to US households, the streaming music service just made its first jump to European audio receivers with the help of Onkyo. Having already made its first move to the living room on Sonos systems back in September, Spotify Premium subscribers in Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the UK can now stream 320kbps audio while browsing their personal, what's new, and starred playlists from televisions connected to any 2011 networked home cinema receiver from Onkyo, starting with the new 7.2 channel TX-NR609. With any luck, Onkyo will soon be updating its Onkyo Remote iOS app to replace the need for a power-hungry TV just to browse Spotify's 10 million tracks. Sorry North America, at least you've still got dibs on Rdio.

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