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As early news leaked out about Cataclysm, I couldn't help but be excited. With the changes to raids, heroics, guilds, and gear, I looked forward to a version of WoW that provided more challenge but also better accommodated my own personal playstyle. However, I didn't expect to be playing a different main character for the first time in nearly four years of playing.

I was smitten and fiercely loyal to my main, a night elf feral druid named Aanye. Sure, I had other toons ... I'd been slowly leveling each of the other tank classes because I enjoy tanking. Still, Aanye would always be my main, right?

Well, let's face it: Cata has not been kind to bears. Don't get me wrong ... I'm glad the class has moved beyond swipe spam; AoE threat at 85 isn't that bad, and I think these changes will inevitably lead bears to a brighter future -- some day. But a month into Cataclysm, I just wasn't having any fun on Aanye.

So, I decided to powerlevel my warrior to 85 ... and I'm so glad that I did. Protection warriors are loud, raw, and deceptively simple; all we do is hit things, but there are oh so many creative ways to hit things. The multitude of choices keeps me on my toes; if I make a mistake, I will certainly feel it. But when I bring my A game, my warrior is a creature of extraordinary grace. In terms of gameplay, I'm having more fun now than I've ever had before. And I owe it all to my poor, neglected bear.

Has Cataclysm changed the way you play the game in an unexpected way?

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