If you just can't wait to cram your Twisted Metal guy between two gigantic tires and send him barreling into the streets like it was 1996, well, you've probably already pre-ordered the upcoming sequel. Good news, then, as producer Chad Cox has announced on PlayStation Blog that pre-orders for the new Twisted Metal -- from "any participating retailer" -- will include "early access" to the iconic Axel character and, more specifically, his two-wheeled contraption, which are ordinarily locked at the start of the game.

During a recent preview event for the game, we learned that characters and vehicles will be interchangeable (as seen in the screenshot above, featuring Sweet Tooth in place of Axel). It's a brave new Twisted Metal, people! Don't be shy, now -- check it out in the extended cut of the new trailer after the break.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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