Eager to unleash some serious creativity on your tablet computer, but stymied by the meaty nubbins you call fingers? There, there. We know your shame. You need grace and precision: you need a stylus. Yes, the stylus, that newly resurgent tech soon to ship with the HTC Flyer and a horde of other Android devices. But if you're unwilling to buy a new tablet, you might feel left out. So for you Wacom -- the company that built its fortune on pressure-sensitive tablets -- has unveiled its first capacitive pen, the Bamboo Stylus. Sporting a 6mm tip, it'll work with all capacitive screens, iPad, Android, or otherwise. The company plans to ship it in May (in the UK at least), along with several pen-based apps; retail price should be £25 (about $41). In the meantime, budding artists should consider crayons -- now shipping in over 150 colors.

[Thanks, Donna.]