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Popular smitage game ZombieSmash receives major update


When we anointed ZombieSmash as one of our Daily Apps last month, we mentioned that the game was about to receive a major upgrade -- and it just did. Adding a second campaign of carnage and smiting, the newly updated software offers an additional 30 levels (or "days") of gameplay, basically doubling the original game.

On sale now for just US$0.99 (iPhone) and $1.99 (iPad) at the iTunes App Store, you can crush, explode, squish and otherwise wreak havoc among the rampaging zombie hordes. In my play-through, I was a little disappointed there weren't more basic tower defense strategy elements built into the gameplay, but I found it a delightful diversion. (For rather bloody limb-by-limb dismembering values of "delightful," that is.)

The update provides 25 new Game Center achievements, improved "zombie spawning," bunny zombies (for an Easter easter egg), an enhanced soundtrack and more.