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Cool Leaf keyboard's shiny, buttonless future gets release date

Brian Heater

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Keyboards get really gross, really fast, especially when you eat around them. It's a problem the backlit, buttonless Cool Leaf doesn't have to contend with, since it doesn't have any pores for crud to fall into and is easily wiped off with a wet cloth. The lovely mirrored peripheral will be hitting Japanese retailers on May 13th at an unknown price that we expect to be around 20,000 yen ($245) -- steep, not to mention the cost of repairing sprained fingers after an all night term paper writeathon. The Cool Leaf will only be available in a Japanese language, Windows-compatible version at launch, though other languages -- including US English -- and a Mac-friendly variety have also been announced, so the rest of us may have a wait a little longer for the future to arrive.

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