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Blade and Soul interview talks Qinggong, Chinese influences; new videos on display

Jef Reahard

How about a little Blade and Soul info to cap off the workday? We thought you might like that, and MMO Culture has helpfully clued us in to a brief interview with the game's development team that was conducted at a recent Tencent Games event.

The piece delves into the martial arts title's multinational backstory, and despite the fact that Blade and Soul is decidedly Korean, there will be a large Chinese influence on display in the finished game. Blade and Soul's Qinggong system is also addressed, and while every race will have access to the wall-scaling super-speed abilities, it will be limited with respect to character level. Qinggong will also see future iterations beyond its current implemenation as a form of fast travel, with the interview hinting at airborne skill-casting to "make players feel like they are real martial arts pugilists."

Finally, there's a blurb or two on the game's classes (six confirmed) as well as a western-influenced focus on individual character progression. MMO Culture has also embedded two new Blade and Soul videos, and you can find those after the break.

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