There are players for whom the GMs of a given game are nothing but antagonists, killjoys who want to ban people for shouting just a few obscene slurs in a public chat channel. For many other players, they're a silent presence, something you're sure is there but never make any use of. And sometimes, they're the only people who can help you fix a serious problem with your character, a bug that crept in somewhere along the line.

There are games where you virtually never see a GM in person, such as World of Warcraft, and then there are games such as Final Fantasy XI where the GMs have a very different image among players. But today, we're not going to talk about times when GMs randomly teleported you to jail and fed you to a dragon for amusement. We're talking about the best incidents you've had, the times where you've called for help and received it without a problem. So what's the best service you've received from a GM in the game?

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