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Galaxy S Gingerbread update lands in the UK, better late than never (updated: it wasn't late)


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So, Samsung missed that mid-May target date for the Galaxy S Gingerbread update... after already aborting an earlier push to Google's latest and greatest in mid-April. But, time for some cautious optimism -- it appears that Android 2.3 is finally here for Sammy's carrier-agnostic former flagship. A reader from the UK wrote in to let us know that he fired up Kies today and voilà -- firmware version 2.3.3. He was even kind enough to send us the photo above. We're not sure when to expect this as an OTA update here in the States, but we'd venture to guess it'll be soon.

[Thanks, Lee]

Update: Sammy actually started the Galaxy S Gingerbread update on time earlier this month, but it seems our tipster simply wasn't among the first to get in on the Android updating action.

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