Engadget Mobile Podcast 093 - 06.25.2011

If we had to make one Seinfeld joke about this week's Engadget Mobile Podcast, it would be "WHAT is the DEAL with Nokia?!" The gentle Finnish giant had a lot of weird and wonderful things up its giant-sized sleeve, and it'll take the giants of Mobile Tech podcasting to run through it all, so you'll be clicking that play/download link presently...if you don't want us to come let our anaconda loose in your house.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Vlad Savov
Guest: Brad Molen
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Daestro - Light Powered (Ghostly International)

00:01:30 - Nokia N9 first hands-on! (update: video)
00:19:50 - Editorial: Dear Nokia, you cannot be serious!
00:22:17 - Nokia's first Windows Phone: images and video, codenamed 'Sea Ray'
00:27:05 - Nokia's Android flirtations revealed
00:37:00 - Atrix 4G bootloader unlocked: you can hack it up today or wait for official Gingerbread update
00:43:42 - HTC EVO 4G+ official, but is it destined for Sprint?
00:49:30 - Sharp Aquos SH-12C 3D smartphone hands-on (video)
01:05:12 - Verizon's 'DataGate' plans leaked in excruciating detail
01:18:13 - Dutch net neutrality first in EU, mobile operators side-eye KPN
01:22:18 - Prototype dual-screened 2-in-1 Android smartpad from Imerj preview

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