Apparently, kids aren't at all put off by the air of misadventure and notoriety that surrounds hacking. In fact, they're so eager to partake in lock-picking workshops, clue-deciphering seminars and social engineering round-tables, that Defcon in August will have a side event totally dedicated to proto-hackers aged 8-16. The focus will be strictly on well-intentioned hacking and cyber-security, so there's little risk that your progeny will be set on a life-path that ends in a lengthy jail term. Nevertheless, the organizers warn that the main adult event will be going on all around the kids' areas, leading to a risk of exposure to bad language, possible nudity and an "assortment of philosophies." And if that doesn't deter them, nothing will.


Defcon Kids event invites hackers to bring their genetic back-up units