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LG RoboKing vacuum bot can self-diagnose, ask for help after colliding with your Roomba


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Sick of all those one-way chats with your Roomba 700? LG's got you covered with its latest self-diagnosing robotized cleaning assistant. The newest RoboKing -- the VR6172LVM -- will set you back 779,000 Won (around $730), and apparently sports a low noise 48dB design (when it's not talking, we presume). Most intriguing to us, however, is the bot's ability to run diagnostics at the press of a button, enunciating its ailments if any one of the fourteen testable components are, in-fact, broken. We imagine your carpet would be happy to welcome Robo to the family, but when you have two pets to brush and all kitty can do is meow, we surmise the vacuum will come forth as King.

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