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Google+ iOS app already submitted for Apple's approval, employee says

Amar Toor, @amartoo

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Whereas Android users were able to get their hands on a Google+ app as soon as the social network launched, iOS users have thus far been left out in the cold, with nary a soul to "hang out" with. Fortunately for them, though, their arduous, week-long wait may be coming to an end, now that Google+ has applied for App Store citizenship. The confirmation came yesterday from Erica Joy, a Mountain View employee who shared the news on her Google+ profile. According to Joy, the app has already been submitted for approval, leaving it up to Apple's council of elders to give the yea or nay. Joy didn't specify the exact date on which Google applied for iOS entry (saying only that it happened prior to yesterday's post), nor did she speculate as to when the app may be ratified. But unless it's laced with political rhetoric or packing a dictionary, Google+ should sail through the approval process... maybe.

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