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HP TouchPad parts analyzed, manufacturing cost similar to the iPad 2

Tim Stevens

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We know what's inside the TouchPad and we know just what it's like to live with the culmination of those parts, and now Isuppli is doing its best to figure out just what those individual components set HP back each time one rolls off the assembly line. According to that firm's analysis, the grand cost to build a single $599.99 MSRP, 32GB TouchPad is $328. That's but $12 more than the 16GB version, which of course retails for $100 less at $499.99. That $328 cost is quite comparable to a 32GB iPad 2, which tallies up at $326 in 3G form according to the source. In other words, HP seems to be maintaining similar margins to Apple, begging the question: can it afford to do so?

[Image credit: TechRepublic]

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