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Time Warner Cable iPad app hates jailbreaks, loves gratuitous quotes (updated)

Tim Stevens

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If you're one of the proud and the brave who have sampled the latest wares of the crew behind JailbreakMe on your iPad, you'd be well advised to not update your TWCable TV app. We received the above screenshot from the latest version of said software, an update that apparently serves no purpose other than to prevents it running on jailbroken tablets. What do to? Well, you could restore your device to "factory defaults" -- or you could watch a little Netflix or Hulu instead and use this as yet another reason to "cut the cable."

Update: Time Warner has posted a full rundown of what's new in Version 2.0 of TWCable TV. This is the version we'd heard about a few weeks ago, which does indeed add quite a bit of functionality. Channel listings have been expanded to 100, users can now tune their cable boxes from within the app, and Remove DVR Manager has been added to let you schedule things whilst away. All useful additions if you're still rocking stock iOS. If not, you can see what it really looks like in the image below.

Update 2: Well, that didn't take long! Here's a bypass for you troublemakers.

[Thanks, Chris]

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