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Turtle Beach Xbox Chat Adapter gets the hands-on treatment, admirably untethers talkative gamers

Joe Pollicino

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Back at E3, Turtle Beach unveiled its wire-ridding Xbox 360 Bluetooth Chat Adapter bundled with its XP500 headset (a re-badged PX5), but there were no accounts of how the dongle performed. That's now changed thanks to Joystiq, who've gotten their lucky mitts on one of ten prototypes. Spoiler: they're really enjoying the little guy. Voice quality was reported as being "excellent" and the device easily paired with headsets. There's no annoying charging cable required either as the XBA juices off the controller, but only time will tell how that impacts battery life. The big quirk critics found was that its single button, which operates as a muting / pairing and on / off switch, was oft-engaged accidentally -- obviously not ideal for newb trash-talking. Sure, it's not totally seamless like Tritton's official digs, but Xbox aficionados should certainly be stoked about soon having options to ditch those chat cables for good.

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