Final Fantasy XIII-2 vs. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy in Behemoth battle

Thanks to the release of some new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens, we can directly compare the approach of Square Enix's hi-def sequel to another recently announced game, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Above is Final Fantasy XIII-2's interpretation of a "Feral Behemoth," next to the "Behemoth" seen in the 3DS rhythm game. They're both kind of purply, but it's tough to see the family resemblance beyond that.

Looking through the gallery, we can also see FFXIII-2's version of Lightning -- which, like the Behemoth, is so much less cute than Theatrhythm. That's probably just because it's built on the FFXIII assets. We're sure Square totally would have gone in and made her chibi otherwise.%Gallery-128122%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.