Star Trek PADD App
Gather around the iPad Trekkies, have we got a treat for you -- CBS Interactive has just unleashed the Star Trek PADD App. At its core is a deep database of information about the shows and movies, including cast and character data, details about planets that populate the universe, and an episode guide. Best of all, the whole experience is presented in the classic LCARS interface that should be familiar to any fan of The Next Generation (or TNG as the cool kids are calling it). In addition to serving as a reference for all things Trek, the app pulls in feeds from the official Facebook and Twitter pages. You can get grab it, in all its black and pastel-colored glory, for $5 at the source link and check out the gallery below.
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Star Trek PADD App

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Star Trek PADD App is a LCARS-sporting Trekkie's reference bible for the iPad