Nioncom's pico projector-equipped mini-tablet gets demoed on video

Niocom's mini-tablet
So, Nioncom still hasn't gotten its MemoryKick Vision out the door yet (the company has pushed availability in the the second half of 2011), but the pico projector-equipped "mini-tablet" is still alive... even if it's not so well. The folks at Picopros got their hands on a prototype unit from the company, though, what they manhandled wasn't exactly the Vision. Instead, they fooled around with reference design that sported a smaller screen (3.5-inches versus 4.3) and 4GB of flash storage in place of the 500GB hard drive -- otherwise the two are identical from a hardware perspective. So, while this is certainly a step in the right direction from the renders, you'll forgive us for not remaining a tad skeptical about about its supposed, upcoming release. Check out the slew of videos after the break, and hit up the source link for the complete impressions.