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CCP publishes fourth DUST 514 fiction piece

Jef Reahard
New Eden is home to thousands of stories, and while most of them are a variation on "lulz, delicious carebear tears," occasionally an enjoyable piece of fiction arises from CCP's grand social experiment.

In the past, officially sanctioned EVE Online-based fiction has taken the form of novels and web-based short stories. Today we're here to tell you about the latest instance of the latter, only this time the prose centers around the upcoming shooter spin-off known as Dust 514.

Stranded, Part IV
is the latest Dust chronicle, and in typical EVE fashion, it's a bleak, bone-crunching portrayal of life in the big black. If you missed Stranded parts one, two, and three, CCP has helpfully archived them on the official Dust 514 website.