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Nokia's N5 makes Symbian-powered procession through the FCC


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There's something bittersweet about watching a Symbian phone march through the FCC knowing that Nokia is slowly thinning the herd. This particular model, the N5, made its requisite Mr. Blurrycam debut last month and now we've got some details about what the glossy white exterior is hiding. You'll find Bluetooth and WiFi radios inside, which isn't surprising, as well as NFC for all the contactless purchasing your Finland-loving heart can handle. On the mobile broadband side of things, there's support for the 850MHz, 1700MHz, and 1900MHz bands, which means it'll work with either T-Mobile or AT&T. Besides price and release date, the big question on our minds is whether or not anyone will buy a Symbian phone knowing the platform is destined for extinction?

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