"Beep! Beep beeeeep boop whiiiirrr boop boop (fall over)!"

Or, in English, Microsoft just revealed a new R2D2-styled Xbox 360 Kinect bundle at Comic-Con, in honor of Kinect Star Wars. The Xbox has a special R2D2 look and custom console sounds, and is bundled with a gold, C3P0-style controller (Oh, my!) and an all-white Kinect. It also includes Kinect Star Wars, Kinect Adventures, and a 320GB hard drive!

The bundle will be out this fall. Pre-orders for the $449 bundle are expected to begin today.

Update: Added official pics to the gallery, and moved our Comic-Con snapshot past the break!

Update 2: According to Gavin Spicer of Xbox UK PR, the bundle is coming to the UK as well, though no details have been announced yet.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.