Funny -- we (almost) asked this same exact question in August of 2009, just after Snow Leopard had been loosed on the unsuspecting public. But as fate seems to have it, each and every OS overhaul brings gobs of issues, and regardless of how hard the problem finders in Cupertino work, there's simply too many unchecked variables to squash each and every bug prior to release. And with that, we present to you just a handful of the biggest quirks that have cropped up since a cool million of you downloaded Lion. For one, you can kiss Rosetta support goodbye, and secondly, it seems as if 10.7 is seriously cramping third-party NAS support for Time Machine. We've also had numerous reports from folks that are having issues dragging application installs to their Applications folder, not to mention an uptick in Guest account crashes. Of course, there's also the whole "I can't get my free update to Lion!" thing, busted Windows partitions and a veritable plethora of dilemmas when looking at Pro Tools and Cubase. Hit the links below to join the misery party, or feel free to start your own in comments below. Oh, and if you're furious that Lion and its incompatibilities have ruined your livelihood... well, welcome to the downside of early adoption. Here's hoping a raft of updates cures whatever's ailing you in the days and weeks to come.

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What's busted for you in OS X Lion?
My NAS no longer works with Time Machine!3169 (6.7%)
I can't even get my free update!1946 (4.1%)
Guest accounts keep crashing, and my guests keep leaving!471 (1.0%)
Pro Tools now look like Newb Tools!1824 (3.8%)
My Windows partition is worthless now!3106 (6.5%)
Something else entirely, or a dreadful combination of these!8693 (18.3%)
I haven't updated, but I'm clicking this to see what to look out for!28407 (59.7%)

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