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Rdio's iPad app gets approved by Apple, we go eyes-on


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Were you excited to try Spotify, only to be dismayed by the lack of native iPad support? Enter Rdio's latest update to its iOS app, now with gratuitous support for Cupertino's sweetheart. Just like its iPhone and iPod touch forebearer, slate fans can now stream music, cache songs, futz with playlists, all while being "social" with friends on the service. Like the company's other mobile apps (on iOS, Android or Blackberry) -- and its cross-Atlantic Swedish rival -- one has to spring for the pricier $9 monthly sub to unshackle from web-only streaming and enjoy portable bliss. In our quick run-through, we found the app to be slick and fast, and searching for obscure music was painless. With most of our friends strewn across other streaming platforms, the community features fell on deaf ears -- so clearly your mileage will vary. Rdio's offering a week-long trial gratis, so go-on and give it a whirl yourself.

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