Planetside 2 - soldiers
A few more PlanetSide 2 details have emerged thanks to a presentation given by Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley and Matt Higby at a recent SyndCon gathering. The duo explained how PlanetSide 2's dynamic weather system will affect combat and that smoke resulting from prolonged firefights will also play a role. The catch here, according to FPSguru, is that these features "may not be in at launch, but [are] definitely in the long-term plan."

Speaking of iteration, Smedley also drew comparisons to EVE Online's "outside-in" approach (specifically, the fact that CCP began with a space game and added planet-based gameplay at a later date). PlanetSide 2 will reverse this process, beginning with a single continent, "then add[ing] more continents and eventually, planets," Smedley said. Plans for space-based gameplay are also on the table.

There's a bit more to the article including riffs on certifications (i.e., skills) and the inevitable cash shop. Head to FPSguru for more details.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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