Ah, yes. We all know that couple... the ones that don't speak to each other at dinner because they're too busy playing Cut the Rope or tweeting. You know 'em: the texting while walking or texting while driving sort of folks. What can we say? Sometimes you're locked in an epic battle you can't walk away from. Perhaps they're anti-social, or maybe they're addicted to tech love -- but what say you?

Billy: "Did you forget our anniversary?" "Our what? Oh, no... of course not."
Zach Honig: "Hug me." "LOL OK BRB."
Darren: "Short-range communication protocols are the best."
Terrence: "Little did he know that his sweetheart was texting her other boyfriend literally behind his back."
Michael: "I thought sexting was only for long distance relationships..."
Sean: "Love is letting your boyfriend save another princess. And helping over WiFi, of course."
Christopher: "Who wears flip flops with a denim jacket?"
Joe: "Ad hoc lovin'."
Richard Lai: "Can't wait to try Dance Central tonight."
Josh: "wePhone."

Mobile Miscellany: week of August 15, 2011