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Microsoft confirms Media Center will be in Windows 8
DirecTV's new HD UI revealed to testers, is prettier and faster than the current one
DirecTV adds AMC-HD next week, too bad Mad Men is still six months away
Dish Network's Tailgater brings you portable satellite TV, won't cool your beer (video)
Dish reportedly launching Blockbuster movie streaming service next month
Starz ends renewal negotiations with Netflix, will pull movies from streaming in February
Netflix lands in Brazil, 43 other Latin American countries within the week
Hulu launches streaming in Japan for about $20 US monthly
Sony's new internet TV box, projector and Blu-ray player make an appearance at IFA
Haier's mind control TV prototype hits IFA, we go foreheads-on (video)
Sony's head-mounted 3D visor is real, HMZ-T1 arrives in Japan November 11th
Sony HMZ-T1 headset hits IFA, we go hands-on (video)
Toshiba's glasses free 3D TV launches in Europe as the ZL2 this December
Must See HDTV (September 5th - 11th)

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