My money is on Ultima Online
Take a look around the traditional subscription MMO market. Notice anything unusual? That's right -- there aren't many games left that can really call themselves traditional sub games, and there are fewer still on the horizon. So many MMOs are going or have gone free-to-play or freemium in one form or another that traditionalists are left without many MMO safe havens -- and even most of those have given in to double-dipping microtransaction shops.

That makes us wonder which game will be the last to convert fully to the modern Western-style F2P. Will Blizzard be the lone holdout, refusing to turn the aging World of Warcraft into a free-to-play MMO? Will it be a sandbox like Ultima Online or EVE Online, whose design mechanics discourage easy account creation? Or will a newer game like RIFT or the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic have more staying power? Which game will stay subscription-only until the bitter end?

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